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What To Do If You Get A Rock Chip


Driving along the highway is usually a carefree process, involving not much more than attention to the road signs and traffic around you. But what starts off as a casual drive can always be altered with events that are out of your control. Most notably, flying debris on the road. After high winds, precipitation, or [...]

What To Do If You Get A Rock Chip2019-12-09T07:21:38-07:00

The Severity Of Leaks In Your Exhaust


As the owner of a car, adverse effects caused by the elements, or even the age of your vehicle, can seem detrimental. It’s important that not only are you always remaining vigilant to any changes that seem out of the ordinary, but you’re also monitoring how your car performs after. Specifically below, we’ll dive into [...]

The Severity Of Leaks In Your Exhaust2019-09-06T07:49:14-07:00

Why Are Certain Areas Of My Car ‘Wet’?


Owning your own car is sometimes a second job within itself. Between keeping it clean, paying for gas, and making sure your maintenance is up to date, a vehicle can become a pretty large part of your daily life on a consistent basis. Within this maintenance aspect, there may be a point in which you [...]

Why Are Certain Areas Of My Car ‘Wet’?2019-09-06T07:50:13-07:00

What Is Ceramic Coating?


If you’re someone who’s owned a car for years now, or you’ve purchased a used one before, you know that keeping something clean after a long period of time can be tiresome, and it can be a bit harder to do as time goes on. For many, the rising technology of hydrophobic coatings has become [...]

What Is Ceramic Coating?2019-08-19T17:49:41-07:00

What Should I Look For When Leasing A Car?


Leasing your new car is supposed to be a fun experience, with new car smells, fresh leather, low miles, and new adventures! However for some, leasing a new car isn’t the easy process that people sometimes make it out to be, and it can totally become an issue when things don’t line up properly. Below [...]

What Should I Look For When Leasing A Car?2019-08-21T07:33:42-07:00

How You Can Keep Your Paint Clean This Summer


As summer takes a toll on everyone with scorching heat and dry conditions, it’s also important to note that in addition to you and your home, your car also might tale somewhat of a beating as the weather persists. Because there is such an emphasis by many into keeping their cars clean and free of [...]

How You Can Keep Your Paint Clean This Summer2019-08-21T07:33:28-07:00

Why Is My Car Running So Rough?


It’s one thing to notice an adverse effect of perhaps bad gas, or a tire that is out of balance -- those small issues can be diagnosed and remedied pretty easily. However when it comes to larger problems, it’s often difficult to figure out what the issue is, and where the source is coming from. [...]

Why Is My Car Running So Rough?2019-08-21T07:33:05-07:00

Do I Need a Fuel Flush?


The fuel system in your car is the way you keep your engine firing correctly, and you keep things in order when it comes to hoses, emissions, and other components and factors. Over time however, your fueling system can really take a toll on the car, which can inadvertently cause a decrease in performance, and [...]

Do I Need a Fuel Flush?2019-08-15T09:09:07-07:00
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