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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Reliable Auto Repair Shops in Fairfield County


How to Find the Best Auto Repair Shops in Fairfield County When your vehicle needs maintenance or repair, finding a trustworthy auto repair shop is crucial. Fairfield County has many options, but how do you choose the best one? Follow Southport Automotive Service’s guide to ensure you get reliable, high-quality service every time. Research and [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Reliable Auto Repair Shops in Fairfield County2024-05-31T17:20:49-07:00

How To Adjust Your Headlights


Over time, the lights you rely on to light the road can become out of whack, dim, or just plain weak. And for many, it’s usually in the form of a blown headlight bulb or something getting on the lens itself. However in some cases, your headlights might need an adjustment to work properly, and [...]

How To Adjust Your Headlights2020-02-11T12:39:33-07:00

Showing Your Car Some Love This Season


As winter (hopefully) begins to wind down soon, it’s important to get around your car a bit more, and see what type of maintenance you can do or have done to keep it running as well as it should. We’re not talking about pulling the engine or dropping the transmission, but there are certainly ways [...]

Showing Your Car Some Love This Season2020-02-11T12:39:27-07:00

Why Your 4WD Isn’t Working


When the winter hits and it’s time to change over from 2WD into 4WD, that means a few things. In some cases it can mean lower MPG’s and more stability -- but for some it can induce the ‘why isn’t this working’ question when your car still won’t move. In some cases, diagnosing a 4WD [...]

Why Your 4WD Isn’t Working2020-02-06T10:03:54-07:00

How Many Miles Can I Go Without An Oil Change?


The age-old question about oil changes. Most people who purchase a car don’t intend on changing their own oil -- and although they know it’s critical to engine health and longevity, sometimes go far too long without making the quick pit stop for easy maintenance. Below are a few things to keep in mind about [...]

How Many Miles Can I Go Without An Oil Change?2020-02-06T10:03:50-07:00

Is My Car At Risk This Season?


This season, many people hop in the car after running out during a cold morning, fire it up, and drive off. And while in many cases there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with that, you may be putting unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle without you knowing. See below to see if you’re putting your car at [...]

Is My Car At Risk This Season?2020-02-06T10:03:47-07:00
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