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How To Handle Snow While Driving


As the cold weather approaches the region, so does the probability of inclement weather, and more importantly, our freezing white friend snow. And while many people love looking at the snow as it falls, those smiles are quickly dissolved when it’s time to get out and shovel, as well as drive in poor conditions to [...]

How To Handle Snow While Driving2020-02-06T10:03:42-07:00

Is My Car Breaking Down?


Your car, just like you, requires a specific routine of maintenance in order to operate. And just like you, if it doesn’t it, things can go wrong. When thinking about your car’s engine and internals, compare it to your own -- and realize that it too, needs a bit of love to work properly. Below [...]

Is My Car Breaking Down?2019-12-09T07:28:23-07:00

Why Is An Alignment Important?


Your car is supposed to drive in a straight line when you want it to -- and unless you’re a racecar driver, you’ll likely be driving in mostly straight lines every time you hop into the driver’s seat. For these reasons, an alignment becomes an integral part of your car’s health, and should be performed [...]

Why Is An Alignment Important?2019-12-09T07:27:16-07:00

Do I Need A New Battery?


Tis the season where everything sometimes feels like it’s going wrong, doesn’t it? If you’re here, you might be wondering if there’s an issue with your car due to the season, or if you’re just due for a new battery. Below is a quick guide you can follow and things to look for when it [...]

Do I Need A New Battery?2019-12-09T07:25:58-07:00

3 Small Changes That Make a Big Difference To Your Car


This Spring, make sure you’re giving back to those who help make your life easier on a daily basis. In addition to your family and friends, there’s one other thing that does that as well — your car! Every now and again, your car needs a little TLC to get running to its optimal performance. [...]

3 Small Changes That Make a Big Difference To Your Car2019-12-09T07:22:06-07:00

How To Recycle Car Parts And Which Ones


Whether you’re someone who hates throwing things out or you’re the type of person to enjoy a nice DIY project, your car might be a great place to draw some inspiration from -- and use parts! In addition to a number of environmental benefits that come from recycling car parts, there are actually a few [...]

How To Recycle Car Parts And Which Ones2019-12-09T07:22:17-07:00

Cars That Cost The Most To Maintain


In a world where everything costs money, your car is a great investment for many reasons -- provided you actually take care of it! That’s right, the amount of money you have to spend on upkeep ultimately starts with how well you’re maintaining it, and driving it on a daily basis. While most cars all [...]

Cars That Cost The Most To Maintain2019-12-09T07:21:45-07:00

Why Is My Steering Wheel Shaking?


Driving down the road with a shaking steering wheel is likely one of the scariest things to happen -- and sure enough, it can happen at any time. While most of the time this is due to an uneven road or an abundance of bumps, there may also be present issues with your car that [...]

Why Is My Steering Wheel Shaking?2019-12-09T07:21:30-07:00

When Should I Switch Tires?


There comes a time during the year where either your summer tires no longer are a viable option, or the lack of tread on your current tires become way too low. With tires being one of the most important components of your vehicle, it’s never a good idea to run incorrect rubber, or a set [...]

When Should I Switch Tires?2019-12-09T07:21:23-07:00
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