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How To Refill Washer Fluid


Your line of sight while driving is very important, which is why all cars today are equipped with washer fluid nozzles and wipers! These small additions to cars prove to be imperative to driving, allowing them to increase visibility and give you a bit more coverage on the road (with headlight washers). But when the [...]

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My AC Isn’t Working: Whats Wrong?


    The last thing you need in the summer is a car that can’t keep you comfortable during the hot and humid days. Because of the strain an air conditioning system goes through, it’s always good to continue with maintenance and checkups to make sure everything is in working order. Sometimes however, your air [...]

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Do I Need New Brake Rotors?


Smaller maintenance jobs are something that everyone eventually has to have done on their car. Whether it’s an oil change or a fluid flush, it’s eventually all necessary. With your braking system however, the telling signs that you need new parts don’t always come at a mileage indicator -- it takes your eye to notice! [...]

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Why Are My Wheels Squeaking?


Every once in a while, there are sounds that some people deem as normal, or they go away. For many car owners, this is a common occurrence that eventually gets shrugged off, however, can sometimes become a larger issue as time goes on. In many places, squeaking can be bad -- and most notable, inside [...]

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Why Is My Engine Ticking?


  In a car, we treat the engine as if it’s the heart of the machine -- and rightfully so! The engine inside of a car acts as the driver of both power and comfort, and without it, we’d be going nowhere. And while many people expect the engine to last forever, that sometimes isn’t [...]

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What Mileage Service Indicators Do I Need To Know?


Routine maintenance is something that, although many car owners will tell you they perform, actually goes ignored. Whether it’s something as simple as an oil change or tire rotation, you’d be surprised at how many times these simple tasks are ignored or overlooked. Instead of guessing when you need something done, we’ve created a short [...]

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How To Stop An Overheating Car


We’ve all seen the car parked on the side of the road with what looks like smoke coming out of the engine bay -- and each time, we’re glad it isn’t us. For many, the thought of a car overheating isn’t something we consider to be a possibility; they’re not supposed to do that! However, [...]

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