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Cars That Cost The Most To Maintain


In a world where everything costs money, your car is a great investment for many reasons -- provided you actually take care of it! That’s right, the amount of money you have to spend on upkeep ultimately starts with how well you’re maintaining it, and driving it on a daily basis. While most cars all [...]

Cars That Cost The Most To Maintain2018-11-07T13:21:13+00:00

Why Is My Steering Wheel Shaking?


Driving down the road with a shaking steering wheel is likely one of the scariest things to happen -- and sure enough, it can happen at any time. While most of the time this is due to an uneven road or an abundance of bumps, there may also be present issues with your car that [...]

Why Is My Steering Wheel Shaking?2018-10-12T12:09:30+00:00

When Should I Switch Tires?


There comes a time during the year where either your summer tires no longer are a viable option, or the lack of tread on your current tires become way too low. With tires being one of the most important components of your vehicle, it’s never a good idea to run incorrect rubber, or a set [...]

When Should I Switch Tires?2018-09-25T14:13:52+00:00

How Can I Tell If My Car is Rusting?


    The last thing someone needs with their car is corrosion -- and for older cars (and some new), this is all too apparent to have at some point. However sometimes, there isn’t a clear-cut distinction of rust occurring, and these issues may only be pointed out by someone who can detect it. As [...]

How Can I Tell If My Car is Rusting?2018-09-18T13:13:30+00:00

What To Do If You Get A Rock Chip


Driving along the highway is usually a carefree process, involving not much more than attention to the road signs and traffic around you. But what starts off as a casual drive can always be altered with events that are out of your control. Most notably, flying debris on the road. After high winds, precipitation, or [...]

What To Do If You Get A Rock Chip2018-09-14T07:24:26+00:00

Foolproof Way To Get Rid of Cigarette Smell In Your Car


Whether it’s a used car you’ve just purchased, or you forgot that you weren’t supposed to do it, having cigarette smell in your car isn’t the best thing to have to endure every time you get inside. While it’s been said that removing the smell is impossible, there are ways to do it -- you [...]

Foolproof Way To Get Rid of Cigarette Smell In Your Car2018-08-24T12:32:29+00:00

How To Refill Washer Fluid


Your line of sight while driving is very important, which is why all cars today are equipped with washer fluid nozzles and wipers! These small additions to cars prove to be imperative to driving, allowing them to increase visibility and give you a bit more coverage on the road (with headlight washers). But when the [...]

How To Refill Washer Fluid2018-08-20T08:57:25+00:00

My AC Isn’t Working: Whats Wrong?


    The last thing you need in the summer is a car that can’t keep you comfortable during the hot and humid days. Because of the strain an air conditioning system goes through, it’s always good to continue with maintenance and checkups to make sure everything is in working order. Sometimes however, your air [...]

My AC Isn’t Working: Whats Wrong?2018-07-31T13:00:36+00:00