Tis the season where everything sometimes feels like it’s going wrong, doesn’t it? If you’re here, you might be wondering if there’s an issue with your car due to the season, or if you’re just due for a new battery. Below is a quick guide you can follow and things to look for when it comes to your battery’s health and if it needs replacing this season.

Is It Dying?

If the car won’t start and it works after a jump, your battery may have died and is due for a replacement. A great way to check is to jump the car, and get on the highway for a bit in order to get things up to speed, and to allow the alternator to charge it. About 15 minutes is all you’ll need. After you return, turn the car off and see if it will turn itself back on after a few minutes. If not, the battery is likely shot.

Slow Starts?

Cold mornings often bring difficulty to cars with batteries not suited for colder climates. Make sure you check the temperature and note if your car is having trouble getting started when it’s super cold. Chances are if this is the only time it happens, your battery may just not have enough cold cranking amps to get the car ready to drive when it’s cold. 

Holding A Charge?

If your battery is having issues holding a charge, it could be due to the lack of startups in a frequent timeframe, or it could be on the way out. Make sure to try and start your car each morning and see if that makes a difference in how fast it will turn over. You may just need a recharge!