Your car, just like you, requires a specific routine of maintenance in order to operate. And just like you, if it doesn’t it, things can go wrong. When thinking about your car’s engine and internals, compare it to your own — and realize that it too, needs a bit of love to work properly. Below are a few telling signs that your car may in fact be breaking down.

Engine Issues

If you notice RPM fluctuations, whining sounds, lack of power, or anything similar, you might have a larger engine issue on your hand. And while your check engine light is supposed to help you realize that, sometimes it just doesn’t turn on immediately — which can create false assumptions that everything is OK. Have any noise related issues checked out before it becomes a costly fix.

Driving Ability

Are you experiencing a shake in your steering wheel? How does the car drive in a straight line? If something seems off, something is likely very off. You know your car better than anyone, so make sure that you take note of and report anything to a mechanic who can inspect, diagnose, and repair any issues located within the vehicle’s underside. 

Fluids Underneath?

Leaking fluid might be one of the biggest things to look for, as it can pose a huge issue and point to leaks, failing components, and even engine failure. Make sure to take note of any color fluids you see and give your nearest mechanic a chance to look and see what’s gone wrong.