Whether you’re someone who hates throwing things out or you’re the type of person to enjoy a nice DIY project, your car might be a great place to draw some inspiration from — and use parts! In addition to a number of environmental benefits that come from recycling car parts, there are actually a few good uses of this as well — let’s check them out below!


We’ve seen tire jungle gyms before, but these round rubber object aren’t just for kids! Think about all you can do with these items, such as turn it into a tire swing, use them for working out, or even plant holders! Each use is friendly on the environment as you’re continuing to get use out of the rubber, as well as creates a fun area or activity in your home!


For old motorheads, there’s nothing like a big engine to get them going. In an effort to keep some of these around for years, many people decide to have custom glass cut and affixed onto the top of the engine as an end table or larger! This can be the perfect addition to your man cave, garage setup, or study/office, really bringing out your passion for the automotive world.


For smaller parts of your car, recycling or reusing them might be hard, but it’s not impossible! Think about things like old pistons, which can be rotated 180 degrees and have a small clock placed in the empty hole! For other projects, you can take your old seats and make rolling chairs, or even use the entire front end to make a race car bed for the little ones! Options are endless when it comes to the smaller parts.


Should you need any real work done on your car in the meantime, make sure you’re enlisting a shop with experience in what it is you need done. For those jobs, Southport Automotive is ready to put forth their 30+ years of experience and get your car back to its optimal operating conditions.