In a world where everything costs money, your car is a great investment for many reasons — provided you actually take care of it! That’s right, the amount of money you have to spend on upkeep ultimately starts with how well you’re maintaining it, and driving it on a daily basis. While most cars all need the same preventative maintenance, some can end up costing more to maintain over the years — and they’re generally grouped into the same category. Below are a few categories you might find cars that are a bit more expensive.

It’s important to note that not one manufacturer is considered better or worse than the other, these are just observations.

European Cars

Owning a European car has a ton of benefits — they’re typically sleek, luxurious, and have new technology integrated into the car to make it perform better and more efficiently! However in some cases, these vehicles need extra care and attention in order to be able to run as efficiently as they’re able to. This includes maintenance of key parts including water pumps, timing chains, turbochargers and more.

American Cars

For many, American cars are the way to go. They’re domestically designed, built, and distributed — all of the profit stays in american businesses. But sometimes, these cars can have reliability issues with their engines, frames, drivetrains and more. It’s important to note that while some of the warranties are better on US built cars, they do eventually run out, and need service.

Most cars nowadays are built to last, so there’s very little worry — but to be sure, it’s imperative that you’re thorough and routine with your maintenance efforts to avoid major and costly repairs.

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