Driving down the road with a shaking steering wheel is likely one of the scariest things to happen — and sure enough, it can happen at any time. While most of the time this is due to an uneven road or an abundance of bumps, there may also be present issues with your car that cause this to occur. Below are a few reasons why you might be experiencing a slight shake or vibration in your steering wheel and what you can do to fix it!

Steering Rack

As cars begin to age, some of the main components become worn out or less strong than they used to be. Your steering rack is one of those areas of concern, and sometimes may need a total overhaul. First make sure that you’re not leaking any power steering fluid, and assess from there. While a slight shake might not seem major now, it can certainly become a larger problem down the line if not fixed early on, and lead to costly repairs and/or accidents.

Loose wheels

If the rack is ok, your next best bet is to check the wheels and inspect that everything is bolted down correctly and is in working order. Loose lugs can leads to a shaking wheel which in turn can lead to a shaking steering wheel. Additionally, your axles are a large component of this and play a big role in how your driving is conducted. Make sure to triple check all bolts and tighten them to factory spec before leaving the area.

Other Components

There’s also a chance that over time, something else has become loose, such as your suspension, axles, or subframe. These components can also lead to shaky steering, however should be properly diagnosed by a professional before getting back on the road for any length of time.


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