Your car is supposed to drive in a straight line when you want it to — and unless you’re a racecar driver, you’ll likely be driving in mostly straight lines every time you hop into the driver’s seat. For these reasons, an alignment becomes an integral part of your car’s health, and should be performed semi-routinely! Here’s why:


Nobody likes a car that seems shaky or that can’t drive in a straight line without some force — it makes everything that much harder. Pairing that with other people on the road, it can become a recipe for disaster very quickly. Have your alignment performed so that you and your passengers (and everyone else on the road!) are as safe as possible at all times. 

Tire Wear

Too much camber, caster and toe can really affect how long of a life you’re going to get out of your tires — and with some tires costing $300 or more a piece, it’s important to get your money’s worth when you can. A proper alignment will readjust the suspension back into a factory spec so that you can enjoy your car and its new tires for tens of thousands of miles — worry free

Suspension Costs

Replacing an entire suspension can get very costly — especially when it’s more than one side of the car that needs to be done. A few shocks and struts can easily set you back a few hundred or even up to a few thousand! Make sure you’re investing in the small things for your car so you can avoid the expensive issues down the line.