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3 Most Expensive Fixes For A Car


Your car is an expensive machine, and sometimes, repairs can get to be a bit, well, expensive. Of course, this comes with almost every make and model -- however on all cars, major repairs are sometimes necessary. While your car does have a limited powertrain warranty, older cars with larger fixes might not be covered. [...]

3 Most Expensive Fixes For A Car2019-06-19T14:24:28-07:00

When Should I Change My Brakes?


Perhaps one of the most important things on your car, your braking system is something to never overlook when it comes to maintenance. From brake lines to pads and rotors, there are a ton of things that can go wrong when using your brakes -- so there’s even more emphasis on using a trained eye [...]

When Should I Change My Brakes?2019-06-19T14:24:14-07:00

What Hybrid Vehicle Is Best For Me?


When it comes to being environmentally conscious, the first thing people are trained to think about is their car, and how emissions can be reduced! And in today’s society, making a choice as to what car to drive is much more in-depth than it once was. Today’s era contains a ton of hybrid options which [...]

What Hybrid Vehicle Is Best For Me?2019-06-19T14:25:07-07:00

Things To Always Keep In Your Car This Spring


As spring rolls around, we’re finally cleaning off the salt from our paint, and cleaning out the winter accessories that helped us battle the snow when it was cold out. But as we’re in a new season, that also means that different things are going to be required in order for your car to stay [...]

Things To Always Keep In Your Car This Spring2019-05-02T06:43:32-07:00

Vehicle Spring Cleaning Tips for 2019


Temperatures are increasing, and while that means that most ice is melted off of the roads and the salt has probably been washed off of your undercarriage, it also means there’s more reason to keep your car clean! As pollen begins to fill the air and create that not-so-shiny green hue on your car’s paint, [...]

Vehicle Spring Cleaning Tips for 20192019-04-23T11:01:24-07:00

Avoiding Spring Air Pollutants In Your Car


One of the worst things that comes with spring, in addition to the rain, are the pollutants in the air that can have and adverse effect on how you go about your daily life. If you’re someone who is allergic to pollen or has a sensitivity to other things,you know that this time of the [...]

Avoiding Spring Air Pollutants In Your Car2019-04-23T13:00:24-07:00

What To Do If You Smell Something Funny In Your Car


There are many things that can be troublesome in your car, ranging from minimal to a big issue. And while we don’t wish them upon anyone, there’s a benefit in familiarizing yourself with something that could keep you safe, and keep your car from breaking down. Below are a few things you can look out [...]

What To Do If You Smell Something Funny In Your Car2019-05-24T09:55:54-07:00

Signs You Need Major Repairs


In a worst-case scenario, your car might need major repairs during the course of its life. And while something like this might seem like it’s something to fear, most of the time it isn’t — although it can get expensive. Whether this is a car you’ve had for years or a car you’ve just purchased [...]

Signs You Need Major Repairs2019-04-23T11:02:53-07:00

Where Can I Store Extra Fluids?


If you’re like many vehicle owners, there’s a good chance that you’ve bought fluids for your car at one point. Whether this was a few quarts of oil, a bottle of washer fluid, or everything in between. And like many things involving your vehicle, the fluids that continue to make it work properly are important, [...]

Where Can I Store Extra Fluids?2019-03-12T13:15:09-07:00