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How To Prevent Icy Accidents This Winter


Driving during the winter is a very different experience when compared to driving in the summer. While most drivers may not consider the changes, there are a number of factors that alter the driving experience when temperatures begin to drop. While some are minor, it’s also important to take note of what is changing in [...]

How To Prevent Icy Accidents This Winter2019-01-31T13:00:13+00:00

Why Is My Steering So Shaky?


During the winter months, our cars take a beating both inside and out. Based on the nature of the season, salt, snow and ice can be a huge cause for damage, corrosion, and general wear and tear. Because this is so prominent in terms of your car’s mechanical function, it’s important to call it out [...]

Why Is My Steering So Shaky?2019-01-31T13:02:10+00:00

Best Winter Maintenance Tips


It’s just as important during the winter that you maintain routine checkups and inspections of your car and its internal parts. Cold weather has certainly been tied to specific issues that can arise with many cars, and many of these issues can be prevented with proper and meticulous maintenance. Below are a few things you [...]

Best Winter Maintenance Tips2019-01-17T15:21:58+00:00

Unique Gifts For Car Owners


  As the holidays draw near, the mad rush for package delivery and gift-giving gets even more hectic as the hours pass. For some, giving gifts is extremely easy, and many friends and family members are easy to shop for. Sometimes however, finding the right gift for a family member is less than easy -- [...]

Unique Gifts For Car Owners2018-12-20T15:17:24+00:00

Why Does My Car Squeak When It’s Colder?


One of the last things anyone wants to do when it’s cold is go outside, and battle nippy winds, snow, and thin air -- but at times, we have no choice! Even worse, getting into your car before it’s warmed up can be just as bad, as your seats are cold, and the engine needs [...]

Why Does My Car Squeak When It’s Colder?2018-12-19T15:00:19+00:00

Do I Need To Let My Car Warm Up In The Winter?


  As winter approaches, it’s harder and harder to convince yourself to get out of your home a few minutes early to go sit into a cold car and wait for it to warm up before you leave. Most of us are sometimes guilty of getting into the car, firing it up, and leaving to [...]

Do I Need To Let My Car Warm Up In The Winter?2018-12-10T15:23:45+00:00

Cold Weather Essentials To Keep In Your Car


With cold weather here to stay for the next few months, it’s important to understand that in many cases, preparation is one of the most important things to think about now. When it comes to your vehicle and how you can be prepared for inclement weather, there are a number of essentials that should find [...]

Cold Weather Essentials To Keep In Your Car2018-11-26T13:47:25+00:00

My Car Won’t Go into 4WD. What Is The Problem?


  The struggle of colder weather is when you’re on a terrain that warrants more than two wheels to get going, and your car is struggling to do that. For newer cars with AWD, this is usually just a reaction by the car’s computer when it notices it needs more wheelpower, and it simply engages. [...]

My Car Won’t Go into 4WD. What Is The Problem?2018-11-21T12:35:07+00:00

Why Are My Car Wheels Tilted?


  From the factory, your car is dialed into a number of different specifications that deem it road-worthy and able to operate as it should. This involves everything from engine compression to suspension components and operating temperatures. However depending on a number of factors, specifically in your suspension area, a number of things can become [...]

Why Are My Car Wheels Tilted?2018-10-24T12:52:09+00:00