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Vehicle Spring Cleaning Tips for 2019


Temperatures are increasing, and while that means that most ice is melted off of the roads and the salt has probably been washed off of your undercarriage, it also means there’s more reason to keep your car clean! As pollen begins to fill the air and create that not-so-shiny green hue on your car’s paint, [...]

Vehicle Spring Cleaning Tips for 20192019-04-23T11:01:24-07:00

Avoiding Spring Air Pollutants In Your Car


One of the worst things that comes with spring, in addition to the rain, are the pollutants in the air that can have and adverse effect on how you go about your daily life. If you’re someone who is allergic to pollen or has a sensitivity to other things,you know that this time of the [...]

Avoiding Spring Air Pollutants In Your Car2019-04-23T13:00:24-07:00

What To Do If You Smell Something Funny In Your Car


There are many things that can be troublesome in your car, ranging from minimal to a big issue. And while we don’t wish them upon anyone, there’s a benefit in familiarizing yourself with something that could keep you safe, and keep your car from breaking down. Below are a few things you can look out [...]

What To Do If You Smell Something Funny In Your Car2019-04-23T13:00:43-07:00

Signs You Need Major Repairs


In a worst-case scenario, your car might need major repairs during the course of its life. And while something like this might seem like it’s something to fear, most of the time it isn’t — although it can get expensive. Whether this is a car you’ve had for years or a car you’ve just purchased [...]

Signs You Need Major Repairs2019-04-23T11:02:53-07:00

Where Can I Store Extra Fluids?


If you’re like many vehicle owners, there’s a good chance that you’ve bought fluids for your car at one point. Whether this was a few quarts of oil, a bottle of washer fluid, or everything in between. And like many things involving your vehicle, the fluids that continue to make it work properly are important, [...]

Where Can I Store Extra Fluids?2019-03-12T13:15:09-07:00

Should I Buy Or Lease A Car?


When you’re in need of a new car, a number of thoughts rush through your head at once. What color? 2 or 4 doors? AWD or 4WD? And while some of the main factors in buying a car can be these, understanding what type of purchase is also very important. Between buying and leasing your [...]

Should I Buy Or Lease A Car?2019-04-23T11:03:18-07:00

A Beginners Guide To Motor Oil


Motor oil is something we all need in our cars— and for good reason! Without it, our engines wouldn’t run — and we need those, obviously. In addition to being a vital component in engine health, it’s also important to understand that routine maintenance needs to be performed; and this includes regular oil changes! But [...]

A Beginners Guide To Motor Oil2019-03-12T13:16:23-07:00

What Do Fluid Colors Mean?


Have you heard the horror stories about the people who have poured antifreeze into their engine, or brake fluid into the radiator? While this might seem like a far-fetched fantasy, it really does happen! And of course, there are a ton of things that can go wrong when working on a car. But precision is [...]

What Do Fluid Colors Mean?2019-04-23T11:04:16-07:00