The age-old question about oil changes. Most people who purchase a car don’t intend on changing their own oil — and although they know it’s critical to engine health and longevity, sometimes go far too long without making the quick pit stop for easy maintenance. Below are a few things to keep in mind about oil intervals this season.

Heavy Driving

If you’re someone who loves seeing the RPM’s at higher numbers and does a lot of hard driving consistently, you’ll probably want to change the oil pretty frequently. Our recommendaiton for you would be between 3-5000 miles to make sure that fresh oil is constantly in place to help your engine during your driving. 

Moderate Commuting

Most people fall into this category, and it’s important to also understand oil types when you’re inside of here. In most cases, you are probably ok with an interval around 5000, however in some cases and with some of today’s better oil changes, there are claims that you can go 10,000 miles or more between changes and still be safe. Make sure you check with the manufacturer and in your owners manual to understand best options for your car.

Weekend Cars

While there’s no set answer for something like this, there is a general rule of thumb, at least. Your weekend show car also needs oil, and even though it might not have as many miles on it as some other cars, it should still be changed. We recommend every 5,000 miles or once per year to make sure nothing is sitting and aging while inside the engine. This promotes optimal results!

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