Good People Do Good Work

It’s a simple and old-fashioned idea, but it’s one that’s worked forever. Our biggest investment is in the hiring, training, and continued good treatment of our service writers and techs. This maximizes the chances that a repair will be done right the first time, which works for you – and for us. It’s a hassle for you to have to return to a repair facility because your problem hasn’t been solved, and it’s a problem for the repair facility too, in terms of added costs and damage to customer relationships.

We also invest heavily in training, so that our techs and service writers stay current with the needs of increasingly complex and sophisticated automotive systems.

All of our techs are true gearheads, so they genuinely enjoy the work they do. We all share an enthusiasm for all things automotive, and the sense of satisfaction we get daily from diagnosing and solving a customer car problem.

We’re small enough that you’ll be able to get to know us well – and we’ll get to know you (and your needs) equally well.

When people love what they do, it’s ultimately you, our customer, who benefits.



We offer a small selection of quality used cars – complete with service records. All are reconditioned to our high standards -- and we stand behind them.

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