Why Are Certain Areas Of My Car ‘Wet’?

Owning your own car is sometimes a second job within itself. Between keeping it clean, paying for gas, and making sure your maintenance is up to date, a vehicle can become a pretty large part of your daily life on a consistent basis. Within this maintenance aspect, there may be a point in which you either jack your car up on jackstands, or throw it on a 2/4-point lift and get underneath. It is here where many owners discover what might look like moisture underneath their car, in specific places. If it isn’t a leak, you won’t see it on the ground — rather just on the components of the car. Below is a quick guide showcasing some of the main parts that may at some point appear ‘wet’, and why.

Oil Pan

If you’re noticing moisture near your oil pan or the drain plug, there’s a good chance that oil is somehow making its way out of the pan, and around the area in which it’s normally supposed to be. If this is happening, you’re probably encountering some sort of leak, which can be due to a loose plug, or a bad seal at the top of the pan. Regardless, oil is necessary for your engine to operate normally, so losing it in any volume is generally not a good thing.

Transfer Case/Transmission

Another main component underneath the car is your transmission and the components that connect to them. If any area of your driveline looks like there’s an oily liquid on the exterior, you may be experiencing an issue. This is again sometimes due to a faulty seal, or in some cases a worn out gasket that connects two separate pieces. Whatever the issue is, this liquid is generally meant for inside the component itself, so have a professional give you his opinion.

Watery Substances

Your coolant & wiper fluid reservoirs, exhaust, and axles all have some sort of moist lubricant or liquid within that plays an imperative role in how your car operates. If you’re noticing a drip or anything that looks ‘wet, you may be dealing with an issue in this area. Of course, there are a number of potential issues, and sometimes sourcing the issue in this area is fit for a professional.

Should you need someone to look at your car and diagnose any issues, make sure it’s someone who can properly take care of you, the issue, and have you back on the road as soon as possible.

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