The Severity Of Leaks In Your Exhaust

As the owner of a car, adverse effects caused by the elements, or even the age of your vehicle, can seem detrimental. It’s important that not only are you always remaining vigilant to any changes that seem out of the ordinary, but you’re also monitoring how your car performs after. Specifically below, we’ll dive into exhaust leaks and how they can affect your car, when it’s serious, and when to have someone look at the issue a bit closer.

Minor Leaks

Sometimes, leaks can occur due to a gasket becoming old and brittle, which separates two parts of an exhaust that would otherwise be connected, tight, and free of any issues. This can cause a number of things, including a metal on metal sound, issues with your exhaust sounding weird, and even emission problems where you may begin to throw codes on your dashboard. 


Older cars may be susceptible to rust and rotting from the bottom up, and unfortunately, an exhaust is one of the lower-hanging fruits that rust makes its way onto pretty quickly. It’s important to make sure that you’re considering the age of your vehicle when trying to diagnose a leak — and also making sure that you are vigilant in having it checked out as soon as possible. Loss of pressure and large holes can lead to exhausts failing to do their job, falling apart, and becoming a hazard for the road.

If you think you have an exhaust leak in your car and you’re interested in learning about what the issue is and how to fix it, make sure the shop you bring it to is reputable and can complete your work with meticulous effort and execution! 

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