What Is Ceramic Coating?

If you’re someone who’s owned a car for years now, or you’ve purchased a used one before, you know that keeping something clean after a long period of time can be tiresome, and it can be a bit harder to do as time goes on. For many, the rising technology of hydrophobic coatings has become a popular choice for those looking to achieve great results with minimal work. Ceramic Coatings are one of those things and they can be a huge help.

What Is Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating works as another layer on the top of your car. This hard layer is great at repelling water, dirt, and can also help with small pieces of debris to protect your paint. It’s typically applied panel by panel by professional installers, and given a bit of heat in order to harden on the surface. Some of these coatings can even last ten years!

What is The Benefit?

As stated above, a ceramic coating is great at preventing your car from becoming damaged due to the elements. This material is generally swirl proof, which is an imperfection caused by incorrect washing and contact of the wrong parts on your car. To be able to provide a great coating, your car first must be inspected for any paint damage and be properly corrected before application

Is It Worth It?

For those who are on the fence about ceramic coatings, there are certainly advantages and disadvantages, however you look at it. The up front costs for a correction and application can cost well over $1000, which to many, is a lot for a car — even if old. However on the plus side, there are lasting benefits to the application which include semi effortless washing, quick drying, and a number of things aforementioned above. It’s important to note that this coating can bring the life back in a rather dull paint, and for those who are investing in a project or show car, this is the tried and true method to achieving that showroom-grade shine everyone has come to love!

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