Is My Car About To Break Down?

As time goes on, knowing your car and how it operates is something that almost comes natural for drivers. You know there are a number of sounds that are normal — the engine firing up, what it sounds like going over a bump, and so on. However in many other situations, there are a number of sounds that you might also hear that are foreign, or hard to understand. It’s important as the driver to know the warning signs in your car, so you know if there’s something wrong, and if you should be worried about your car breaking down at some point. 

Is It In The Engine?

Knowing where the sounds are coming from is a critical first step in understanding what the issue might be, and how you might be able to fix it. For many, it’s not an easy task to know what the issue is, but knowing the area in which it comes from is helpful. Should you hear something adverse coming from the engine bay, make sure your check engine light isn’t on, and if it is, bring it in. Either way, a quick diagnostic check is probably in order regardless.

Is Is A Grinding Sound?

The metal on metal sound that comes from a poorly lubricated part can mean bad things to come when it relates to your car. It’s important to note that many of your integral parts are lubricated in some way, in order to prevent the failure of these parts and keeping your car’s operation in check. If you’re hearing a grinding sound, it’s definitely a great idea to pull over and inspect for anything odd, and immediately bring it to a shop that can help. 

Do You See Smoke?

A great way to know if you’re having an engine issue is if you’re seeing smoke coming from anywhere around the car. Whether this is under the hood, under the car or by the exhaust, smoke should not be present and will require the expertise of a mechanic. Bring your car in as soon as you can if you see something like this on your car. 

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