Vehicle Spring Cleaning Tips for 2019

Temperatures are increasing, and while that means that most ice is melted off of the roads and the salt has probably been washed off of your undercarriage, it also means there’s more reason to keep your car clean! As pollen begins to fill the air and create that not-so-shiny green hue on your car’s paint, it becomes apparent that routine cleaning is an imperative part of staying sane during this time of the year. Below are a few things you can do to keep your car clean this season.

Change Air Filters

As mentioned, pollen is eventually going to be riddling the air, and for those who are sensitive to it, this is the equivalent of a season-long cold. To battle this from inside the car, make sure your cabin filters are properly changed and free of rips, tears, or gaps. This can help keep fresh air flowing through your cabin and the eye swelling and sneezing at bay.


The first big wash of the season is also an important one, and it’s certainly something to never overlook. Make sure that when washing your car, you’re appropriately clay barring, waxing, and really leaving a good layer on each panel. This makes cleaning much easier, and it can also help preserve the life of your paint, requiring less corrective work in the future.


As always, preventative maintenance is always the best option for any car, and loose bearings, broken axle boots and other components can lead to costly repairs, but dirty undersides as well. Have your car thoroughly inspected by a reputable shop to make sure nothing is in the way, breaking, broken, or at risk for causing any type of harm!

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