Things To Always Keep In Your Car This Spring

As spring rolls around, we’re finally cleaning off the salt from our paint, and cleaning out the winter accessories that helped us battle the snow when it was cold out. But as we’re in a new season, that also means that different things are going to be required in order for your car to stay clean, and for it to run more efficiently. Below are a few things to consider keeping in your car this spring!

Washer Fluid

One of the biggest things to think about as spring comes around is the prominence of bugs. And when bugs hit your windshield, they need to be cleaned off! If you run out of washer fluid, there isn’t much you can do to help the issue, but refilling the reservoir is a great way to never have to worry about a smeared bug during the season where they’re most prominent!

Tire Sealant

When you run over a nail or pothole due to bad roads from winter, you’re running the risk of a punctured tire, Because this can leave you stranded, keeping some sort of sealant in your car is a quick fix that may help you get to the nearest shop for repair. While we don’t recommend this as a total fix, it does help. We would advise all of it be cleaned out during the repair process, as it can be bad for some tires and wheel metal.

Of course, the best thing to consider this spring is whether or not your car is due for an annual tune-up, and what needs fixing. It’s important that if it’s been a while since your last job, to have it taken care of before anything major goes wrong and has your car out of commission for an extended period of time!

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