How You Can Keep Your Paint Clean This Summer

As summer takes a toll on everyone with scorching heat and dry conditions, it’s also important to note that in addition to you and your home, your car also might tale somewhat of a beating as the weather persists. Because there is such an emphasis by many into keeping their cars clean and free of any issues, cleaning your paint becomes an imperative part in the maintenance process. Below are a few things you can do to promote a healthy exterior coat on your car this summer. 

Clean Properly!

It’s one thing to clean your car, and a totally different process to clean your car properly. Using rough bristled brushes and cleaning mitts can seem like a good idea, as they’re somewhat abrasive and can clean gunk off, but they can actually do a ton of harm to the topcoat of your car — mainly the clearcoat, and any wax or sealant on top. Make sure to clean your car with soft mitts, usually from wool, and dry them with a high GSM microfiber cloth. Your soap and water also plays a huge part in this process, so make sure you have enough of those at all times to be able to properly clean the exterior!

Detailing & Protection

It’s important to note that after a good cleaning, you’re in need of protecting your investment. Using a good, hard coat of wax is a great step in improving the hydrophobic properties of your paint, and protecting it from dirt. Those who are looking to go the extra mile can also invest in ceramic coatings, which are proven to last a minimum of a few years, and upwards of ten years when applied correctly, and thick.


It might not seem like a big deal, but parking under trees with tons of sap, or under light posts that house birds can get…messy for your car. Instead of worrying about what’s going to make it dirty, focus on choosing the right places to store your car when not in use. This can prevent fewer cleaning sessions which is better in preserving the wax or coating already on your vehicle’s exterior.

Of course, should you have any issues mechanically, make sure you bring it somewhere that can help keep the insides running and looking just as nice as the outside! 

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