Why Is My Car Running So Rough?

It’s one thing to notice an adverse effect of perhaps bad gas, or a tire that is out of balance — those small issues can be diagnosed and remedied pretty easily. However when it comes to larger problems, it’s often difficult to figure out what the issue is, and where the source is coming from. If you’re experiencing your car running a bit rougher than it has in the past, there might be a few reasons this is happening.

Engine Issues

One of the most common places to look when your car is acting up is the engine. A number of things can contribute to a less than perfect vehicle operation. For starters, bad gas, poor lubrication, vacuum leaks, misfiring cylinders and more are just a few things that can be the root cause. While all of these issues have to be properly addressed in their own way, they’re usually not as difficult to fix, depending on the level of damage sustained.


Your car contains tons of small and large suspension components that continue to allow the vehicle to operate in a seamless manner. When one of these things begins to fail, it’s easy to feel the difference when your car is driving. Worn out tie-rods, shocks, suspension arms and bearings can contribute to a ‘death wobble’ while driving, or a feeling of unsafe conditions. Make sure to observe for anything that seems out of the ordinary when inspecting your suspension components on both sides.

If and when the time comes where you feel things are just not right with your car, make sure to have someone look at it who can help remedy the situation. When it comes to keeping your car on the road longer, nobody does it better than us! 

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