What To Do When Your Rim Bends

You’re driving up the road when a pothole jumps out at your wheel, and there’s nowhere for you to go — of course! The noise of your suspension adjusting for the impact is an evil enough sound as it is, and then there’s the sound from your tire. All of a sudden, you’re feeling a vibration while driving. It’s your rim, and it’s bent. What do you do? Depending on the severity of the rim bend, there are a few options you can choose from when it comes to your current dilemma.

Major Bends

The first thing to do is get out an assess the damage you’ve sustained. There are a few different types of bends that can occur, with major being the worst. If the bent wheel is causing heavy vibration in your car or the tire won’t hold air, it’s not a good idea to continue driving. This is because more damage can occur during driving which can drive the cost up of repairs as well as is very dangerous.

Minor Bends

If you get out and have a hard time spotting the bend and your tire seems to be holding air, it’s OK to continue driving while using great caution while doing so. Your first location should be your home or the nearest repair shop that you can bring the car to in order to have the wheel repaired. If you’re able to make it here, you’re in good shape.


If your rim has cracked (even if it holds air), it’s not advisable under any condition to drive the car. This is because should the rim begin to break more, it can be a hazard to those driving, your vehicle, and those near the road as well. If you see something, make sure to have your car towed to a shop immediately.


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