What To Do If You Smell Something Funny In Your Car

There are many things that can be troublesome in your car, ranging from minimal to a big issue. And while we don’t wish them upon anyone, there’s a benefit in familiarizing yourself with something that could keep you safe, and keep your car from breaking down. Below are a few things you can look out for if you smell something funny in your car, and what you can do after diagnosing the issue!

Moldy Smell

As spring showers flood the area, you might notice a moldy, wet, or stale odor in the cabin of your car from time to time. While this is sometimes due to moisture from opening the door, or moisture tracking in through other means, it can also mean there’s a presence of mold, or standing water somewhere. Make sure to inspect your carpets for moisture and confirm that all door seals are effectively preventing anything from entering the car.

Foul Chemicals

While sometimes chemical smells can penetrate the cabin of your car, smelling this on a consistent basis can be a cause for big concern. Should you experience this, make sure you’re bringing your car somewhere that can properly inspect all hoses and components and rule out the issues. While these chemical smells can sometimes be nothing, they can also be harmful to you if it continues to creep into your car.

Burning Smells

A burning smell is likely one of the worst things to encounter, as you’re likely dealing with an engine or driveline issue. This can be burning oil, or a smoky, burnt smell from metal parts coming in contact with each other due to lack of lubrication. If you experience this, shut your car off or get it to the nearest shop for a diagnostic.

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