What To Do If You Get A Rock Chip

Driving along the highway is usually a carefree process, involving not much more than attention to the road signs and traffic around you. But what starts off as a casual drive can always be altered with events that are out of your control. Most notably, flying debris on the road. After high winds, precipitation, or vehicles freely hauling objects, there’s always a risk associated with driving at high speeds. Should you encounter a rock chip on your next drive, we’ve got a few answers as to what you should do.

Windshield Cracks

If you’re like many who get rock chips on the windshield, there’s usually a short list of options you have — and all of them require swift action. If it’s a small chip that hasn’t expanded outward yet, you may be able to have this professionally repaired without replacement. Check with your insurance provider to see if you carry glass coverage. If it’s larger or irreparable, you may need a total windshield replacement, which is a bit more of an intensive process, but is covered under glass insurance. It’s important to note that these chips are usually considered obstructions and can lead to a ticket if they’re not addressed before they’re seen.

On Your Car

Inspecting your paint to find a rock chip can be devastating, especially if it’s on a new car or a prized vehicle of yours. If you experience this, it’s important to have your car assessed at a body shop to see what can be done in terms of the paint missing, and if there are measures to remedy the issue. In some cases, larger rocks can cause dents and spidering paint, which requires more repairs. To amend some of these issues, try to have your vehicle protected with paint protection film when it’s new in order to keep it shining and chip-free!

Should you experience a rock chip that you believe has affected any other areas of your car or mechanical parts, have it inspected immediately to prevent part failure. Larger rocks that make their way through grills and inserts can have adverse effects on key parts and lead to costly repairs — so make sure you check it out immediately!

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