Foolproof Way To Get Rid of Cigarette Smell In Your Car

Whether it’s a used car you’ve just purchased, or you forgot that you weren’t supposed to do it, having cigarette smell in your car isn’t the best thing to have to endure every time you get inside. While it’s been said that removing the smell is impossible, there are ways to do it — you just need to be persistent! Below are a few tactics you can use to remove the tough smell from your car and enjoy a nice, clean car small inside.

Fruit Peel & Vinegar

It’s been said that these pungent smells can help remove the odor of cigarette smells from cars — and to a point, they can! Place fresh citrus peels throughout the car and a cup of vinegar in the cupholder — and allow it to sit for a few days. These items can absorb smoky smells and remove some of the musk from the air.

Leather Cleaner

Most of the time, leather seats are main culprits of trapped odors, so grab a leather cleaner that can get rid of the grime, dirt and odor from all of the leather in the car. This is something you’ll likely have to do a few times throughout the course of a week, but it’s certainly worth it to have less odor and clean leather!

Carpets and Roofing

The cloth in your carpets and roofing are the main areas in which the smoke smell can get trapped. One, because smoke often rises and can get into the roof, and two, because there’s rarely any airflow in the footwells of the car, so any air usually becomes trapped — especially if it has a scent. To fight this, grab an interior cleaner and scrubber and have at each area a few times over the course of two weeks to thoroughly clean the area. This will ensure you’re penetrating deep into the cloth multiple times to be able to get all odors out.

As an additional tactic, keep a can of Ozium in your car, and drive with the windows down as much as possible. This will help fresh air circulate, which is important once you’ve lifted most of the odor.

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