Why Is My Steering So Shaky?

During the winter months, our cars take a beating both inside and out. Based on the nature of the season, salt, snow and ice can be a huge cause for damage, corrosion, and general wear and tear. Because this is so prominent in terms of your car’s mechanical function, it’s important to call it out as it happens. Additionally, these inclement weather properties can also affect the driving experience in your car, hence why you may be feeling a shaky steering rack. If this is the case, we’ve got a few reasons as to why this may be happening to you.


Ice on the road can certainly create an uneven surface, and cause a worsened driving experience — however, this might not be the case for you. Snow and Ice that becomes lodged inside the wheel of your car, as well as in the tread, can affect driving just as much. This is because these frozen masses are after all, heavy, and can throw the balance of a wheel way off. This paired with high revolutions per minute on the road can equate to a shaky, uneven feeling while trekking down the road.

Salt Damage

There’s no lying — we need salt in the winter. It helps melt the ice, and dry out sidewalks and roads to prevent accidents. But this salt can cause a bit of an issue — especially when it’s underneath your car. When too much of this gets lodged near your brake components or an open area near the axle boot, it can dry out lubrication around specific components and cause a big issue when driving. This may be the cause for less than smooth driving as well as a shaking sensation coming from the wheels.


Your car may be old, which means some components may also be worn out. This can include suspension, which has the tendency to go at the worst times — and cause problems. The uneven balance in your car might be due to this issue, as well as the unbalanced nature of your tires due to the suspension. Make sure you have this inspected to ensure that it’s not a larger issue that needs a larger repair.

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