Why Are My Car Wheels Tilted?


From the factory, your car is dialed into a number of different specifications that deem it road-worthy and able to operate as it should. This involves everything from engine compression to suspension components and operating temperatures. However depending on a number of factors, specifically in your suspension area, a number of things can become askew. When you find yourself staring at a wheel that isn’t straight, it may puzzle you. However there are a few explanations as to why that phenomenon known as camber might be happening to you.

Heavy Load

As stated, your car’s suspension is built specifically to handle a number of different things — and a heavy load is included in that. When you’re packing the back seats and trunk with heavy items, your springs begin to compress, which lowers the car a substantial amount. Due to this weight and stress, your suspension will generally begin to pull the top of your wheel and tire inward toward the car. While this isn’t something to worry about with a heavy load, if it’s happening without anything in the car, it might be a red flag.

Suspension Wear

As a suspension begins to get older, it’s natural for it to begin to compress, sag, and not handle bumps as it was once able to do with ease. While this is happening, the same effects as a huge load can occur, which also can lead to an alignment issue. As your car’s alignment becomes out of whack, camber can be affected, which can be cause for the wheels to begin tilting inward. Should this begin happening to you, it’s important to head to a shop that can diagnose the issue


It’s important to know that most cars come with factory camber from the factory, but it’s only a few tenths of a degree. This is hardly recognized by the naked eye, but can certainly be seen if stared at for long enough.

Should you have an issue you think needs checking out, make sure you bring it to a shop that has a reputation for quality work and craftsmanship.

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