Do I Need A Summer Service? 3 Tips

Every season, your car endures the worst of some elements that can otherwise take a toll on the performance, appearance, and ultimately the longevity of the machine you’ve invested money into. Since there’s really no way to tell what each season in the northeast will entail, it’s important to know your own car, and know what to look for in terms of preventative maintenance that costs less, and keeps your car on the road more. Below are a few things to look out for and may indicate if you’re in need of a service

General Intervals

One of the easiest questions you can ask yourself is “when was the last time I had this done?” If the answer eludes you, it may be time for a checkup, as the lapse in time might be much larger than you think. Additionally, it’s a good idea to factor in how much driving you’re actually doing, and how it can play into effect when it comes to your service appointments. Someone who does 2,500 miles per month is likely due for service much faster than someone who drives considerably less. 

Seeing Smoke

In many places, your car relies on liquids and other lubrication in order to run correctly. Because these components can get hot, steam and smoke are often produced in the process. If this is visibly escaping from your car in odd places or in larger amounts, it might point to a sign that something is wrong, and needs to be assessed. This can be properly diagnosed by a trained automotive tech who is aware of the issue and can begin a plan to repairing


Odd rattling shouldn’t necessarily occur during the normal operation of your vehicle, but as time goes on, more and more components can become damaged in the process. Things like gaskets between exhaust pipes begin to wear down, and cause loose fittings, bolts, and other things that can lead to unwanted noises and effects. Should you hear something like this, it’s important to have it looked at ASAP in order to prevent it from happening at once.