3 Most Expensive Fixes For A Car

Your car is an expensive machine, and sometimes, repairs can get to be a bit, well, expensive. Of course, this comes with almost every make and model — however on all cars, major repairs are sometimes necessary. While your car does have a limited powertrain warranty, older cars with larger fixes might not be covered. So, what can one expect when it comes to fixing their cars, and what’s the most expensive? We’ve got a few of the biggest jobs below.

Engine Rebuilds

At times, your engine might begin to lose pressure, or simply lock up. In these cases, an entire rebuild is usually necessary, or a replacement. In both cases, these jobs rank at the top of the list due to how intricate it sometimes is to move everything out of the car and back in — or on the other side, take apart the largest part of the car to add new parts within it.


Next on the list is your transmission, which can also pose a huge issue if it’s not addressed as soon as a problem begins. As most cars have at least five gears, there’s a lot that can go wrong inside of there — as well as inside the differential, with your axles, and more! Should this be something you encounter, you might want to be ready for a labor-intensive project. For those reasons, make sure you bring it to a reputable shop to handle the repair.


One of the worst is the electronics of a car. Depending on the issue (water damage, chewed through wires), these fixes can be impossible to find, as well as diagnose. With so many cars on the road relying on the electronics these days, it’s important to know that should this happen, it might be worth exploring the cost to fix vs junking your car, depending on how old.


Should you encounter another issue with your car, it’s important to make sure it’s being taken care of as soon as possible. With the right repair shop, you’ll be back on the road faster than ever!