Where Can I Store Extra Fluids?

If you’re like many vehicle owners, there’s a good chance that you’ve bought fluids for your car at one point. Whether this was a few quarts of oil, a bottle of washer fluid, or everything in between. And like many things involving your vehicle, the fluids that continue to make it work properly are important, and should be treated as such. Proper storage of these canisters, bottles and cans should be thoroughly thought through and properly conducted to ensure everything is going to be in working condition when used on your vehicle. Below are a few tips for storing specific fluids for your car year-round.


Because car oil is important for the proper operation of your engine, it’s important to make sure that for the most part, it’s being stored in an area where it’s safe, away from direct sunlight, or frigid temperatures. Because specific viscosities can alter the way your oil is fed through the engine, it’s important to make sure that if it’s being stored for any length of time, that you’re keeping it controlled and ready for use at any moment if necessary.

Washing Fluids

For windshield washer fluid, brake fluid, or any thin fluid similar, temperature generally isn’t as big of a deal as some others. Most of these, antifreeze being one, are used to operating in a wide range of temperatures, and can be useful even if they’re kept in low or high temperatures for a prolonged amount of time. Keep in mind that it is important to ensure these fluids remain sealed at all times, as a spill can damage the ground and any surrounding objects.

As a rule of thumb, most of these fluids are not supposed to be kept in a specific temperature that otherwise would alter the usefulness of the actual liquid. In an effort to keep it from lacking effectiveness, a relative temperature and humidity is perfectly fine to store most liquids for prolonged periods of time.

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